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FindFace integration service

From $100.00
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FindFace is a popular service that uses a facial recognition neural network algorithm to detect faces in the photographs, identify and verify people. The algorithm has been developed by N-Tech.Lab.

It sounds like an interesting technology to implement on an online dating site or app.

What would you think about the following ways to use the facial recognition technology?

1. Your dating site member uploads photos of their dream partner or photos of their ex-partners. The system finds potential matches based on similar facial features such as cheekbones, etc.

2. A member of your dating service uploads a photo of their match into the system to learn if this or similar photographs are used by other people.

See the system in action

Some information about the entrance fee and the service fees:

To help you evaluate the service, the FindFace team offer you an initial balance of $100 for three months. With the $100 balance, you will be able to make 18,000 requests or store 10,000 faces for one month.

The system will charge you for every FindFace Cloud API request and for every face stored. For example, if you make 10,000 API requests per month and have 1,000 faces in your galleries, your monthly bill will be $60 for requests and $10 for faces, a total of $70.

When you add money to your account at FindFace for the first time, you will be requested to add at least $1,500.

The Dating Pro Experts team can help you connect this service to yours. Let us know if you are interested and describe your idea in details: how you imagine it will work with your online dating service, website or app.

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